Get Persuasive Emails That Drive Clicks And Sales to Your Business

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Emails That Sell, Sell, Sell

Promotional emails should have one goal: to sell.

Too often, marketers get caught up in other metrics - open rates, bounce rates, CTRs - and fail to optimize for conversion rates.

I never write emails that use gimmicks or other tactics just to get subscribers to open them - that would waste both your time and mine.

Instead, I write emails for your business that:

  • Precisely target the pain points, emotions, beliefs and desires of your target market...before positioning your product as the solution. This dramatically increases the chance of a sale.
  • Lower sales barriers before asking for the click, so that more prospects are converted into buyers.
  • Are written using your existing brand voice (plus your target market's idioms, nomenclature and phrasing).
  • Don't just "pitch" a product and expect readers to do the rest. Instead, the emails use curiosity, stories and believability elements to bring readers into the email...and only ask for click when they are ready to buy.

To order a set of sales emails, or for a FREE 15 minute consultation on how my services could help grow your business:

What You'll Get:

  • Persuasive sales emails - written using proven direct-response techniques - that generate more sales for your business (without annoying subscribers).
  • The easiest copywriting service you've ever experienced. Just send me your requirements (I'll provide a list of simple questions for you to answer) and forget all about it until the emails are delivered.
  • Emails written by a specialist - not a "jack of all trades." Relax in the knowledge that you're hiring an email expert for your business.
  • PLUS: Unlimited revisions within 30 days of sending the first drafts! While many of my clients don't require any revisions, I want to make sure you're 100% satisfied before considering a job finished.

How To Order Your Sales Emails:

Want to order persuasive sales emails for your business? Click the button below and send me you requirements. You can also contact me today for a free 15-minute consultation via Skype (or email).

What Clients Have Said About My Copywriting Services:

I hired Alex to write emails to promote a health ebook; and what he delivered blew my mind – they were hands down the best emails I ever read and they did exactly what I wanted – make the reader WANT to buy the product. 100% recommended and I’ll be hiring Alex again myself. Thank you!

Online marketer

Alex did a remarkable job writing the content for our needs. Exceeded my expectations, will use again!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is your turnaround time always 7 days?

Yes - I guarantee a turnaround of 7 days for up to 10 emails. For larger quantities I'll do my best to deliver within 7 days, but will provide a firm deadline when you order.

Please note: if you need emails urgently, I offer a rush service for 20% extra fee.

How many emails should I order?

A single sales email can make sales - but I find the "sweet spot" is three emails spread over several days. If you're promoting a brand new product, I recommend at least five emails.

How will my emails be delivered?

Each email will be delivered in an individual Word file.

If you would like your emails in a different format, please let me know.

What is your process for writing emails?

  1. Start by using the contact form to send me details of your project. I'll get back to you within 24 hours with a quote and instructions for confirming your order.
  2. After ordering, I'll ask you to fill in a short questionnaire. This helps me get an overview of your business and goals for the emails.
  3. I'll then thoroughly research your target market, competitors, products, offers and existing promotional campaigns before writing the copy.
  4. Next, I may send a few follow-up questions (this can either be completed over Skype or via email)
  5. In less than 7 days, I'll send you the completed emails.
  6. You then have 30 days to request unlimited revisions (if required). 

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